Jonathan Fullard Sentencing Delayed for Mental Competency Evaluation

Judge William Jackson ordered a competency evaluation Monday for Jonathan Fullard, who has pled guilty to the murder of 20-month-old Keyontae Osbia Moore, delaying sentencing in the case for at least one month.

According to a pre-sentencing report referenced in court, Fullard has claimed that he hears voices, and Judge Jackson ordered a “24-hour” screening to determine that Fullard is competent to waive an insanity defense and to participate in sentencing. The exam was agreed upon by Fullard’s defense attorney and prosecutors.

Fullard pled guilty to second-degree murder on Oct. 5. He said he was babysitting Moore, who was his girlfriend’s son, on March 4, while she was at work.

According to the plea, Fullard admitted he was “play boxing” with Moore and punched him five or six times in his upper torso. Moore also was found with bruising around his penis and anus.

The U.S. Attorney has asked for the maximum guideline sentence for Fullard. According to the government’s memorandum in aid of sentencing, this is Fullard’s fourteenth arrest and his eight conviction, including three prior convictions for domestic violence.

Fullard is scheduled to appear again for sentencing on Jan. 11.

The government’s memo is below:

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