Defense Attorney Says Witness Descriptions Don’t Add Up in Brian Bloomfield Murder

Lamonte Hill‘s defense attorney sought to raise doubts Friday of the accuracy of witness identifications that implicate Hill in the June death of Brian Dewayne Bloomfield.

Prosecutors say Hill shot and stabbed Bloomfield in a parking lot in the 3400 block of 13th Place Southeast the evening of June 11.

Hill’s attorney, William Roberts, asked Judge William Jackson Friday to turn over the identities of two key witnesses so that Roberts could conduct further research to prepare Hill’s defense.

Roberts contends that the two witnesses said the suspect had short hair at the time of the attack, while Hill wore his hair in dreadlocks at the time.

Jackson said releasing the witnesses’ identities was too dangerous. Hill has accomplices who have not yet been arrested, raising fears they could harm witnesses if knowledge of their identities spread, Jackson said.

There may come a time where I will change my mind,” Jackson said, “but not at this point.”

Hill returns to court Feb. 22 for a felony status conference.

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