Year Ahead: 2013 Judges

A yearly review of the Felony 1 calendar has reassigned murder cases in some of DC Superior Court’s busiest courtrooms.

Among the changes, cases assigned to Judge William Jackson will move to Judge John Ramsey Johnson’s calendar and casses assigned to Judge Thomas Motley will move to Judge Herbert Dixon Jr’s calendar.

D.C. Superior Court currently has five Felony 1 calendars to handle the district’s most serious cases; the fifth calendar was added at the beginning of 2012 by Chief Judge Lee Satterfield.

Each year, the Chief Judge reviews and makes adjustments to the calendar assignments. These decisions are based on caseload, calendar size and judicial experience.

When a new case enters the system, it is randomly assigned to one of five calendars; and when a calendar changes hands, all of the cases transfer over to the new judge.

The Felony 1 calendar handles the most serious felonies, including murders. Most judges appointment to the Felony 1 calendar serve two years before being rotated to another assignment.

Cases will be assigned in 2013 as follows:

The Felony 1, Calendar 1 will transfer from Judge William Jackson to Judge John Ramsey Johnson.

The Felony 1, Calendar 2 will remain with Judge Robert Morin as the Presiding Judge. Judge Lynn Leibovitz will become the Deputy Presiding Judge.

Felony 1, Calendar 3 will stay with Judge Ronna Beck in 2013.

Felony 1, Calendar 4 will transfer from Judge Thomas Motley to Judge Herbert Dixon Jr.

The Felony 1, Calendar 5 will remain with Judge Russell Canan in 2013.

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