Ariston Jamal Dickson Pleads Guilty to Murder of Robert Lesueur

Ariston Jamal Dickson pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter Friday morning in the shooting death of Robert Maurice Lesuer. He also pleaded guilty to the charge of unlawful possession of a firearm.

Dickson is scheduled to be sentenced June 7.

According to the plea deal, Dickson was in Lesuer’s ex-girlfriend’s apartment when the shooting occurred. Lesuer and his ex-girlfriend have a child and used to live together in this apartment. Lesuer demanded to enter, saying “if someone is in there he has to see me”, and broke in after both Dickson and Lesuer’s ex-girlfriend refused to open the door. After forcing open the door, Lesuer walked into the bedroom where Dickson was sitting.

Dickson put a ski mask on his head and pulled out his hand gun. He fired three shoots at an unarmed Lesuer as he entered the bedroom, two hitting his chest and face.

Dickson was arrested Oct. 23, 2012, a day after Lesueur’s death.

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