Karl Pugh Case Goes to Jury

Jurors began deliberating Thursday in the case againstKarl Pugh, a man charged with shooting, and killing, his friend, Quentin Ragland. Pugh is charged with second-degree murder.

At trial, prosecutors argued that the day Ragland was killed, he and Pugh smoked PCP together before getting in an argument. The argument ended with Pugh shooting Ragland in the face, killing him, prosecutors said.

Investigators never found DNA or fingerprint evidence on the gun they think was used to kill Ragland. Because the gun was recovered with the wrong type of ammunition in it, investigators decided it was too dangerous to fire the weapon to test it further.

Pugh’s attorney, Jason Downs, argued someone else had fired the fatal shot, and was still at large. A burglar or intruder could have been in the building, Downs said.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Michael Truscott said Pugh’s story didn’t add up. Pugh ran from police after the shooting and attempted to change his clothes in the apartment building’s basement, Truscott said.

Closing arguments were held Thursday morning.

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