Jurors Deadlock in Murder Case Against Karl Pugh

Jurors in the case against Karl Pugh reached a deadlock yesterday after two days of deliberations. The jury told Judge Ronna Beck around 4:15 p.m. that they were unable to determine either guilt or innocence in the shooting death of Quentin Ragland.

At trial, prosecutors argued that Pugh shot Ragland after the two smoked PCP together on the afternoon of September 20, 2011. The motive, prosecutors say, is unclear.

Jason Downs, Pugh’s defense attorney, argued that Pugh had no reason to shoot his friend and that someone else pulled the trigger outside Ragland’s apartment that day.

Prosecutors never found Pugh’s DNA on the weapon they believe was used to shoot Ragland in the eye.

A new trial date has been scheduled for Aug. 19, should prosecutors decide to retry the case. A status hearing has been scheduled for Aug. 2.

Jurors told Judge Beck that differences of opinion and interpretation of facts led them to deadlock. In their 4:15 note, jurors wrote:

At the present moment we have come to a head. With review of the case, evidence and testimony, the juror(s) have taken everything into consideration and we haven’t been able to come to a decision unanimously with the opinion that after or with continuous repeated review the interpretation of facts to and beliefs of the juror(s) are and will not change.

That note is below.

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