Brandon Andrews Guilty of Second-Degree Murder in Leonard Bigelow’s Death

A jury found Brandon Andrews guilty of second-degree murder Monday after deliberating for just three hours.

Andrews was convicted of fatally shooting Leonard Bigelow in Aug. 2011. Jurors also found him guilty of several related weapons and threats charges, including carrying a pistol without a license.

Andrews testified Thursday that he was angry with Bigelow’s sister for refusing to speak with him after their 10-month relationship had ended. He said he was homeless and broke at the time of the shooting.

Andrews went to Bigelow’s girlfriend’s house the day of the shooting and saw Bigelow on the porch with his father holding an object. Andrews claimed he believed the object was a knife and shot Bigelow to defend himself.

Bigelow’s father claimed at court that the knives found on the porch were for cleaning fish.

Jurors cleared Andrews of the more serious charge of first-degree murder, and of assault with intent to kill. The jury also found that he didn’t threaten to kidnap or injure Bigelow’s sister, Katherine, as prosecutors had claimed.

Judge Robert Morin is scheduled to sentence Andrews April 26 at 9:30 a.m.

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