Prosecutors Say Andre Jackson’s Death the Result of Feud With Marquette Tibbs, Byron Dunn

Judge Ronna Beck found substantial probability Friday in the cases against Marquette Tibbs and Byron Dunn, both suspected in the Nov. 2012 shooting death of Andre Jackson.

Detectives believe that Tibbs, also known as “Quett,” said he wanted to kill Jackson because Jackson shot and destroyed property at Tibbs’ grandmother’s house in Feb. 2010.

Metropolitan Police Department Detective Brian Bradol testified Friday that a witness said they saw Tibbs, 22, and Dunn, 23, brandish weapons at Jackson moments before the shooting.

The two men’s defense attorneys, though, countered that the witness might be the actual shooter. Another witness reported seeing a bearded man with a light complexion holding a handgun chasing Jackson – a description that the attorneys say doesn’t match either suspect.

Police found Jackson, 22, dead in the 300 block of Ridge Road Southeast Nov. 4, 2012 with 17 gunshot wounds.

A felony status conference is scheduled for June 7.

Tibbs and Dunn will remain in custody while the grand jury investigates their case.

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