Comment of the Day: ‘I just hope I can find closure with all of this’

Today’s comment of the day comes from “A Friend Who is Mourning,” who left a comment about Christopher Lalchan:

I just hope I can find closure with all of this. Even as a friend of Chris’ there is so much that I would like to say, but can no longer say to him now that he’s gone.

We went to the same church, lived together as roommates, laugh, cried, you name it. Reading everything has been quite overwhelming. Chris will forever be in my heart and dearly missed.

At a loss” adds:

I was Chris’s boss. To say the least I am at a loss for words with everything I have read. I knew something was wrong when he did not come to work Thursday and he did not answer his phone. I never imagined this was the reason. I will continue to be in shock and will miss him dearly as he was a very dedicated bright young man with so much potential.

Police arrested Lalchan’s wife, Dianna Lalchan, and charged her with first-degree murder in the case. Judge Robert Morin ordered the charge lowered to voluntary manslaughter at a preliminary hearing Wednesday. He also allowed Dianna Lalchan to stay at a halfway house while she awaits trial.

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