Linda Bury Pleads Guilty in Connection with Quadaar Muhammad Murder

Linda Lee Bury, one of two teens charged in connection with the shooting death of a D.C. taxi driver, pled guilty in connection with the case Wednesday, although court documents do not make it clear as to what charge.

According to documents obtained from D.C. Superior Court, Bury was charged with conspiracy to commit robbery and second-degree murder. She waived her right to a grand jury investigation and the charges are listed as “information.”

A document related to her plea does not list the charge or charges she pled guilty to.

The “information” states that on Nov. 7, 2012 Bury and co-defendant Joshua Mebane discussed committing a robbery. Mebane armed himself and Bury looked for a getaway car. They then got into a cab with the intention of robbing the driver, identified later as 44-year-old Quadaar Muhammad. Mebane shot Muhammad, the document states.

Muhammad was found dead in his Lincoln taxi that same day; the cab was engulfed in flames.

Two days later, police arrested Bury and Mebane, both 17, on charges of felony murder in connection with Muhammad’s death.

According to court documents, during interrogation, Bury told detectives that she met Mebane online in Oct. 2012, and had just met him in person a week before Muhammad’s death. The teens rented a room at a Motel 6 in D.C. on the day of the murder and were running low on money.

“Somebody has got to get it,” meaning they needed to get some money, Mebane said, according to the documents.

So, the teens walked to a Greyhound Bus station and hailed a cab: Muhammad’s cab.

After giving Muhammad the destination—the rear of Hamilton Junior High School near the Motel 6—Mebane asked him if he had change for a “fifty.”

As the car approached the rear of the school, Mebane slipped a single black glove onto his right hand, then reached into his sports bag, pulled a black handgun and shot Muhammad in the back of the skull.

Bury told police that the taxi accelerated, drove over an embankment, and crashed into a tree. The teens then fled back to their hotel room, she said.

Bury is expected back in court August 20 for a status hearing before Judge Herbert Dixon.

A felony status conference is scheduled for Mebane June 28.

Bury’s plea documents are below.

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