Reynaud Cook Arrested in Pennsylvania; Wanted for Yolanda Stone’s Death

A year after Yolando Stone’s death, the man accused of killing her is in custody in Pennsylvania. Reynaud Cook, accused of shooting Stone in front of their children, has been arrested near State College, Penn.

We are so thankful that he has been caught,” Stone’s sister, Desirae Ross said Monday evening. “The healing process can now begin. It’s been a long time coming and he deserves to pay for what he did to my sister and to his own children.”

Yolanda died exactly one year ago on May 20, 2012,” Yalonda Dunschee, a friend of the family, said. “So you can only imagine how happy we are.”

Police say Cook shot Stone on Feb. 15, 2012, in front of their children. She’d gone to his home to pick them up after school. Stone survived for three months, but eventually succumbed.

Cook was indicted in June of last year but failed to appear for an arraignment.

Stone’s sister, Desirae Ross, and three children left the D.C. area after Cook disappeared. “We just want Cook off the streets,” Ross said.

Cook is due in court Wednesday in Pennsylvania, and U.S. Marshalls have told local police to keep him in jail, MyFoxDC’s Paul Wagner reports:

Cook was actually arrested twice in the last ten days after he was first seen running in and out of traffic and trying to take down streets signs in Patton Township, Pa., and then again this past Friday when he called 911 to report seeing guns and bombs at a building in town.

At first, Cook used an alias and refused to be fingerprinted before police successfully got the prints and made a positive I.D.

In his booking photo released by Pennsylvania authorities, Cook looks quite different from the photo police released in 2012.

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