Comment of the Day: “Let’s rally behind honoring this young man.”

This Comment of the Day comes from Darryl Grayson who wrote in about Omar Sykes. He writes:

The important thing is that we must all develop a comprehensive solution to this violence and crime in our neighborhoods. Whether a street is named in memory of Omar is not the issue. We must solve this ongoing crisis and epidemic throughout our communities nationwide. If the death of Omar Sykes generates the attention and rallying cry to take action to prevent other deaths, then we should support that effort. Let’s not get mad because everyone else who has been a murder victim is not identified as a rallying point to fix the problem. Support any effort to solve the problem even if someone like Omar Sykes becomes the focus.

Trayvon Martin became the focus of not just his own injustice, but justice for all those unnamed people who died unjustifiably by cops and wanna be cops. But one case became the rallying cry. Even though GZ was found not guilty, there would never have been an arrest without the protest.

So we should support the focus on Omar Sykes while we have the mayor’s attention and demand resources to combat violence in Omar Sykes name. Why not? Let’s rally behind honoring this young man and use his spirit to restore a greater value for human life among our people, improved economic development along the Georgia Avenue corridor and improved police presence and crime-fighting measures. Then expand our success throughout the city and to other cities across the nation

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