Links Roundup: Jamie and Jamahl Jenkins

Sister and brother Jamie and Jamahl Jenkins were killed in a double shooting in the 5300 block of East Capitol Street Northeast around 4:30 Saturday morning. Jamahl was pronounced dead at the scene; Jamie later died at the hospital.

According to relatives, Jamahl Jenkins was with his sister in order to help her; she had called home after being robbed of her purse.

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Washington Post:

Jamie Jenkins had just finished singing with her R&B band when she called her younger brother about 3 a.m. Saturday to say someone had snatched her purse, family said. He quickly left to help her.

On Saturday afternoon, friends and relatives of the siblings gathered outside the Southeast Washington apartment building where they lived. They said Jamahl Jenkins worked at a restaurant and had become the father of a son a few months ago. His sister, they said, had wanted to become a singer since she was a child and saw her job with the local band Raw Sounds as a stepping stone to fame.

“She said if she ever made it big, she was going to buy her mother a nice house. She was a nice girl,” said Wayne Jones, an uncle. “Jamahl was a good person, too. He was out there trying to help his sister.”

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