Yvette Alexander: “We must take it upon ourselves to value the lives of our African-American young men and young women.”

Councilwoman Yvette Alexander issued a statement today regarding two double homicides in the past week in Ward 7. Those homicides, both shootings, took the lives of Eric Leeper, Anthony Chase, and siblings Jamie and Jamahl Jenkins.

Reader Alexander’s statement below.

Councilmember Alexander Responds to Recent Wave of Violence in Ward 7

Over the last ten days, there has been an upsurge in violent crime in Ward 7. Most notably, there were double homicides in both the Stoddert Terrace and Capitol View communities. Three young African-American males and one African-American female have died as a result of these senseless acts of violence.

“I am deeply saddened to hear that these young people have lost their lives in such a tragic manner,” said Councilmember Alexander.
Councilmember Alexander has been in communication with MPD Police Chief Cathy Lanier who has vowed to provide the 6th District Commander Robert Contee with whatever resources are necessary to assess the public safety needs in Ward 7 to help prevent these types of violent occurrences in the future.

“I am confident that Commander Contee and the officers of the 6th District Violent Crimes Branch are working diligently around the clock to find the perpetrators of these crimes and I urge residents to play a stronger role by being vocal about what goes on in our neighborhoods. If you see something, say something,” said Councilmember Alexander.

“There are numerous enrichment programs and opportunities available to young people in the District of Columbia. It is vitally important that all of our families, neighbors, community leaders and elected officials work together to make sure that our young people utilize the tools that have been provided to them. In light of the case regarding the tragic death of Trayvon Martin and recent violence affecting our young people across the country, we must take it upon ourselves to value the lives of our African-American young men and young women before we can expect anyone else to. We must collectively instill a new system of values and morals in our young people so that they can see the value in the lives of each other.”

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