Peter Hendy Held in Death of Girlfriend’s Four-Year-Old Son, Kamari Zavon Taylor

Peter Hendy was ordered held today pending a preliminary hearing on a charge that he fatally struck his girlfriend’s four-year-old boy.

Hendy, 33, did not contest any finding of probable cause at his presentment on the charge Wednesday. According to charging documents, in an interview with police, Hendy said he struck the child for being a “smart mouth kid.”

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Aug. 30.

Charging documents state that Hendy told police he took the child, Kamari Zavon Taylor, outside to ride his scooter after his mother left for work at about 10:45 Monday morning. When the child rode out of an area where Hendy could see him, he admonished him, Hendy told police.

The child responded, saying “I don’t have to listen to you, you’re not my daddy,” Hendy told police. That was when he gave the child a “body shot— but not hard,” Hendy was overheard telling police, according to the charging documents.

Hendy said the child continued to play on the scooter, but about a half hour later noticed that the child was sweaty and his legs were shaking. Thinking that the child was dehydrated, he took him inside and gave him water and put him to bed, Hendy told police.

Later, when he again checked on the child he saw that he was unconscious and not breathing and Hendy called 911.

An autopsy concluded that the child suffered a lacerated liver and broken ribs, likely from being struck in the abdomen.

Charging documents in the case are below.

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