Comment of The Day: “no one told him to try and be a hero.”

justicefortony” and “JusticeforTyrell” left these Comments of the Day, one in support of Anthony Hatton, a co-defendant in the “21st and Vietnam” murder trial, and one in support of Hatton’s alleged victim 17-year-old Tyrell Fogle.

justicefortony“ wrote:

It’s a shame how the court system allows jury’s to go out and do drugs and think that they have not talked about the case to anyone, it just shows how the government plays with the tax payers dollars prolonging a case that should have been a mistrial last week for Hatton, this just shows you how they choose a jury of his peers, but choose a crack head to judge anybody WHAT A SYSTEMFREE MR.HATTON.

JusticeforTyrell” responded, and wrote:

There is enough evidence against him. He is guilty as charge police saw and caught him trying to excape thru a hole in the fence. The police was on his ass the whole time after he shot Tyrell, got the gun that he drop when he came from behind the bushes. Things happen and when his family wakes up and realize noone put a gun in his hands, no one told him to try and be a hero when he was beefing with Tyrell and friends long before he decide to pull that trigger. Justice will be serve for Tyrell and Mr. Hatton is not the only one on trial in this case.

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