Stanley Moghalu and Johnnie Harris Found Innocent in Steven Moore Murder

After four weeks of deliberations, jurors in the “21st and Vietnam” murder trial on Tuesday found Stanley Moghalu and Johnnie Harris innocent of murder and firearms charges in connection with the December 2011 shooting death of Steven Moore.

The verdict was a partial one; Anthony Hatton still faces murder charges in connection with the August 2011 shooting death of Tyrell Fogle and Jekwan Smith still faces murder charges for the September 2011 shooting of Isaiah Sheffield.

All four men in the case still face conspiracy charges.

Prosecutors alleged that Moghalu, Harris, Smith and Hatton were linked by their loyalty to a crew called “21st and Vietnam,” a crew that prosecutors believed was responsible for the deaths of Fogle, Sheffield and Moore. The co-defendants were charged with 21 counts including conspiracy, first-degree murder, obstruction of justice, assault, and weapons charges related to the three murders from fall 2011.

All four men remain held while jury deliberations continue.

Since the start of deliberations on August 20, the jury has faced significant impediments. A partial verdict on September 11 was rejected after jurors appeared to be confused by their own decision. Three jurors have been dismissed from service during deliberations, forcing the jury to restart the decision-making process each time.

Jurors in the case are expected to continue deliberating Wednesday on the remaining charges.

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