Kevin Walker Held in Shooting Deaths of Jamie and Jamahl Jenkins

A shooting that left two siblings dead in Northeast DC this summer may have started with a disagreement between two women and ended when men they were close with intervened, according to charging documents made public Friday related to the arrest of a suspect in the case.

Appearing in court Friday, Kevin Walker was ordered held in the case pending a preliminary hearing later this month.

Police say he is believed to have shot and killed Jamie Jenkins and Jamahl Jenkins.

According to charging documents, the case against Walker is built on interviews with witnesses who told police that the siblings were killed after Jamie Jenkins and another woman fought and a man intervened.

The night of the shooting, one witness said, according to charging documents, Jamie Jenkins and a woman were fighting on the 5300 block of East Capitol Street.

Another witness told police that they overheard the woman who had fought Jamie Jenkins say that after the fight she went to her house to get her gun to shoot Jamie Jenkins. But when the woman was inside her home her boyfriend, who goes by the name “Filet,” told her to go back outside and that “He would take care of it,” court documents state.

A third witness told police that before the shooting they witnessed a man with a large build wearing black clothing and a black hoody walk up to the woman who was fighting Jamie Jenkins. “Who out here is threatening you?” the witness said the man asked.

Charging documents state that the witness then saw the man walk toward Jamie Jenkins and Jamahl Jenkins while carrying a gun. Jamie Jenkins stood in front of Jamahl Jenkins. “You’re not going to shoot my brother,” she told the man, the witness said, according to charging documents.

I don’t pull my gun out unless I’m going to use it,” the witness said the man replied.

I’m just trying to protect mine like you trying to protect yours,” Jamahl Jenkins responded, court documents state.

The witness then saw the man point his gun and fire in the direction of the two siblings.

Police found the brother and sister on July 20 around 4:35 a.m. on the 5300 block of East Capitol Street Northeast shot and unconscious. Jamie Jenkins, 28, was transported to a local hospital where she later succumbed to her injuries and was pronounced dead. Jamahl Jenkins, 21, was declared dead on scene after medical workers did not find any signs consistent with life.

An autopsy found that Jamahl Jenkins died from at least six gunshot wounds to his back, and that his sister Jamie Jenkins died from a single gunshot wound to the top of the head, documents state.

According to the witness “Filet” and the woman who was fighting Jamie Jenkins had a romantic relationship together. All three witnesses identified Walker in a police photo lineup as the shooter, charging documents state.

Walker, 38, was arrested this month in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and was transported to the MPD Homicide Branch Thursday before being presented with the charges in the case Friday.

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