Judge Declares Mistrial on Remaining Charges Against Anthony Hatton

Judge Henry Greene declared a mistrial Monday on the remaining counts against Anthony Hatton, after the jury notified the court that they were deadlocked on the charges.

Jurors sent a note to the clerk Monday morning stating that after more than a week of deliberations solely on Hatton’s case they were unable to reach a verdict. Jurors have been deliberating in the complex multi-co-defendant, multi-charge case since August 20.

“The jury has had a sufficient amount of time to come to a decision on these charges,” Greene said. “But they haven’t.”

Hatton, 20, can still be retried on charges of first-degree premeditated murder while armed, conspiracy, possession of a firearm during a crime of violence and carrying a pistol without a license in connection with the 2011 shooting death of 17-year-old Tyrell Fogle.

During a two month trial, prosecutors argued that Hatton, Jekwan Smith, Johnnie Harris, and Stanley Moghalu were members of a crew called “21st and Vietnam,” and responsible for the deaths of Fogle, Isaiah Sheffield, and Steven Moore.

But in October, Moghalu was found innocent in the shooting death of Moore. His two remaining weapons offenses were declared mistrials, after jurors were confused over the charges.

In August, jurors found Hatton innocent of three offenses that were unrelated to Fogle’s death. Those verdicts will stand.

Jurors will continue deliberating on the remaining charges against Smith and Harris Tuesday morning.

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