Isaiah Gant Sentenced in Woodley Park Metro Station Stabbing

Isaiah Gant was sentenced to three years in prison Friday in connection with the death of Olijawon Griffin at a Metro stop in Northwest DC.

Gant pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy, robbery and possession of a firearm in the case. He is the seventh young man to have been sentenced.

“This was a very serious matter with very severe consequences,” Judge Ronna Beck said at sentencing.

Addressing Gant, she said, “You didn’t take part in the beating, and that was showing a human reaction.”

Griffin was fatally stabbed on November 17, 2012 at the Woodley Park Metro Station during a fight. Earlier that night Griffin’s coat was stolen from him in a robbery.

Said Griffin’s mother, Lunette Griffin, her son was “was no angel, but he did his best.”

Gant participated in the robbery but told the others to “give the man his shoes back,” his accomplices said.

Beck said she took this as a measure of Gant’s conscience.

“I take full responsibility for my actions and hope that his family can forgive me,” said Gant just before sentencing. “I might look like the same person as I was on that day, but I’m not that person anymore.”

Gant had been indicted on seven charges, including felony murder. That charge, and others, were dismissed when Gant pleaded guilty.

“We lost in the long run,” said his mother, Lunette Griffin.

Griffin worked two jobs, one for the government and another at Five Guys Burgers, and was planning on attending college and playing Division III football.

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