Tisheena Brown Held in Prescription Drug Overdose Death of Infant Son

A DC mother accused of killing her son by administering him a prescription anti-nausea drug was ordered held at her court appearance Monday, her first on the charge.

Tisheena Brown, 31, is expected to have a preliminary hearing in the case Friday.

In an interview with police, Brown said she gave her son, one-month-old Hakeem Brown, a portion of a dose of Promethazine when he was “fussy” and wouldn’t keep food down.

Hakeem Brown was found unconscious early in the morning of September 18. His mother called 911 and he was taken to Children’s National Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead.

According to charging documents, Tisheena Brown initially told police that she had given the child an over-the-counter gas relief medication. When she was re-interviewed in December, after toxicology tests showed that the baby had died of Promethazine poisoning, Brown said she had ground up a tablet, put some of it on her son’s tongue, and taken the rest herself.

Police say Brown had a prescription for the medication and she reported that she had taken it consistently since 2008. In charging documents police also reported that Brown abused Oxycodone and Hydromorphone. DC Superior Court did not have a record for Brown of any charges related to drug abuse.

A copy of the charging documents is below.

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