Corey Saxton Held in Shooting Death of Roshaine Henry

Corey Saxton was ordered held Tuesday on a charge of second-degree murder; police say he shot Roshaine Henry last Wednesday while being monitored by a court ordered GPS tracking device.

Saxton, a 20-year-old from Northwest DC, is expected back in court March 28 for a preliminary hearing in the case.

Henry was found shot just before 8 p.m. on March 5 in the backseat of a car in the 900 Block of Madison Street Northwest. Henry was brought to the Medstar Hospital with a chest wound. He later died.

Charging documents rely on the testimony of a witness who said that the night of the shooting, Saxton got into Henry’s car in the 1200 Block of Madison Street NW to negotiate a drug deal. The witness said they heard Saxton say, “Don’t move,” and then heard one or two gunshots.

After the shooting, Henry drove several blocks, possibly hitting someone, before rolling his car at least once. He hit several parked cars and ended up in the backseat of his car, police said.

Saxton was on probation with the condition that he wear a GPS tracking unit when Henry was shot. Records from the GPS unit indicate that he was in the exact area of the shooting when it occurred and that he left the area immediately after the shooting, according to police.

Saxton told police that he was two or three blocks away from the shooting and didn’t hear any gunshots. He said that he was informed of a car accident and went to that scene for about 10 minutes, according to police.

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