Comment of the Day: “I couldn’t grab the concept of looking down at freakin’ dirt”

Crystal Skipwith writes in about Donald Ray Brown who died in a double shooting last September:

I had a reality check yesterday. I wanted to pop up on you me and chris down sw but i couldnt so i came to where you body lay in a grave. The sad thing is I couldnt find you there. Well christian i suppose he knew where u were cause he said he right here mommy but me i couldnt even grab the concept of bringing christian to see you in a grave. I couldnt grab the concept of not being able to tell you off then smile then say you hungry let’s eat. I couldnt grab the concept of looking down at freakn dirt knowing your bones are turning to ashes and your spirit is certainly not in the grave. So as i try to find you i find myself not finding you at all… I really wish you had more time on earth to live. More time on earth to grow. More time on earth to laugh. Just simply more time on earth. Im not sure of the point of coming to a grave where u dont reside I dont get it so for now I’m just gonna pray for comfort of losing one of the greatest friends i’ve ever had. I miss you Donald I miss laughing with you so much. I miss telling you every single thing about my love life and you guiding me in the right direction and me telling you if you know so much why you not married…. Boy i miss lauging smiling fussing fighting.. I simply miss you on earth….xoxoxoxo

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