Alphonso Cleveland Pleads Guilty in Stabbing Death of Claudia Hall

Alphonso Cleveland, 51, pleaded guilty Thursday to voluntary manslaughter in connection with the stabbing of his 51-year-old wife, Claudia Hall. He was initially charged with second-degree murder in connection with the case.

Hall was found by police on January 3 in her apartment on the 300 block of 18th Place Northeast.

Prosecutors said Thursday that Hall kicked Cleveland out of the apartment they shared in December 2013 because Cleveland was not helping with the bills.

According to plea documents, Cleveland said that on January 1, Hall invited him over, but the two got into an argument over the cable bill, which Cleveland was not paying.

Charging documents say one witness saw Cleveland banging on Hall’s apartment door demanding to be let in one day before her death.

Plea documents say that Cleveland said the argument became physical and that he choked Hall until he killed her. Cleveland also admitted that he stabbed Hall in the bottom half of her stomach, then placed her on the bed, documents say. Prior to leaving, Cleveland placed a chair against the front door to prevent anyone from entering the apartment, according to the documents.

Charging documents say that a witness later discovered Hall unconscious and not breathing after forcibly entering the residence.

Cleveland is scheduled to be sentenced on June 13.

Plea documents have been added to this post below.

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