Khari Williams Pleads Guilty to Voluntary Manslaughter While Armed

Khari Williams pleaded guilty Friday to voluntary manslaughter while armed in the December 2012 shooting death of Angelo Payne.

He faces up to 30 years in prison for his charge.

In February 2013, Williams rejected a plea offer that would have given him a maximum of 18 years in prison on second-degree murder charges.

Police found 23-year-old Payne on December 30, 2012 on the 3400 block of Croffut Place Southeast, suffering from a gunshot wound. He was transported to a local hospital where he succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced dead.

According to the proffer of facts, that night Williams walked toward an alley in the 3400 block of Croffut Place Southeast wearing a black open-face ski mask, a black Helly Hensen jacket, and black pants.

Plea documents state that in the alley, Williams found and confronted a man that he believed stole PCP from him: Payne.

Charging documents say witnesses told police that Williams led Payne into an alley to confront him and when Payne could not explain why the drugs were missing fast enough, Williams shot him. Police never found the weapon.

During the confrontation, Williams produced a gun and fired at least three times in the defendant’s direction, documents state. One of those shots hit Payne in the back of the head and another hit him in the back of the torso, documents say.

At a preliminary hearing in February 2013, Metropolitan Police Detective Anthony McGee testified that one witness said Williams later talked about the shooting saying, ā€œI mugged that nā€“. I shot that nā€“,ā€ according to the witness.

Then, according to the plea documents, Williams “fled the location, walking back” to the 3400 block of Croffut Place Southeast. While he walked, Williams rolled his ski mask to the top of his head, revealing his face, documents say.

The sentencing is scheduled for March 21, 2014.

The full plea agreement is embedded below.

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