William Smallwood Held in Connection with Shooting Death of Rashard Raigns

William Smallwood was presented Wednesday on charges of first-degree murder while armed in connection with the shooting death of Rashard Raigns.

On June 4, police found Raigns lying face down on a sidewalk in the 1900 block of Fenwick Street Northeast with a gunshot wound. He was later pronounced dead at the scene.

Smallwood, 22, was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of first-degree murder while armed.

Police believe Raigns was killed during a robbery, charging documents state.

Court documents say video shows three men try to steal a laptop from Raigns. According to the documents, police found a green blanket ten yards away from Raigns’ body near an empty laptop case, power cord and other personal belongings.

On the video, three unidentified men are shown standing at corner of Fenwick and Gallaudet, looking in the direction of Raigns, according the documents. Then, the three head west towards Providence Street, with two returning with what appears to be shirts masking their identities.

Two of the masked men approach Raigns, while the other stands at the intersection of the east side of Fenwick from Gallaudet St, documents stated.

According to documents, additional video footage shows one of the men wearing a kufi appearing from Providence, walking east on Gallaudet Street.

The unidentified male wearing the kufi disappears from the camera and returns without the kufi, walking south on Fenwick street on the east side where Raigns is sitting with property, documents say.

According to documents, in the video he runs west on Gallaudet street appearing to be holding an object or securing his waistband with his right hand.

Police interviewed a witness a week later who wore an identical Kufi. The person first told police that he didn’t know what happened to Raigns, but later said he and other two men intended to take the laptop computer from Raigns, documents say. When they approached Raigns, the witness said he had a BB gun and Smallwood had a silver revolver, documents say.

He said that he warned Raigns not to move and Raigns attempted to get up with the laptop. He said that he tried to take the laptop, but Raigns was able to grab his arm, according to documents.

He said Raigns proceeded to get up and away with the laptop and Smallwood then fired his gun twice, documents say.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for June 26 before Judge Jennifer Anderson.

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