Kevin Boykins Held in Connection with Shooting Death of Kevin James

Kevin Darrell Boykins was ordered held Friday on charges of first-degree felony murder while armed in connection with the shooting death of Kevin Lanard James. Boykins, 43, was arrested Thursday.

On January 16, police found James with a gunshot wound to the head seated on the driver’s side of a BMW in the 1500 block of Gallatin Place Northeast. Charging documents say a witness called 911 after the vehicle crashed into a light pole.

Police believe James was killed in his car after a heated exchange via text messages about a debt, court documents state.

According to documents, police later found James’ phone in the BMW. “Kev” was the last person dialed on the phone, documents say, and that call was placed six minutes before a witness called 911 to report a traffic accident. Documents say police determined Boykins was the person listed as “Kev.”

In a series of text, James accused Boykins of owing him money and demanded repayment, documents say. Court documents say James threatened to collect the debt from Boykins family, if he wasn’t repaid.

Boykins said he would pay James that evening, but was offended by the threats to his family, documents say. According to documents, Boykins told him “U gone too far” and that “this is the last time with my family,” via text.

Police interviewed a witness who spoke with Boykins the day after the murder, court documents say. During the conversation, Boykins stated that he was with James earlier in the evening, but they got into an argument before James put him out of the car, documents say.

Boykins told police he took the subway to Fort Totten Metro Station to pay James and that James was upset because it took him awhile to pay, according to documents. Documents say, Boykins stated that James counted the money and left; he didn’t say where he was going.

Boykins is scheduled for a preliminary hearing scheduled for July 18 before Judge Robert Morin.

Charging documents are below.

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