Jimmie Fleming Held in Shooting Deaths of Derek Price and Donchell Thomas

Judge Karen Howze ordered Jimmie Fleming held Monday on suspicion of two counts of second-degree murder for the shooting deaths of Derek Price and Donchell Thomas.

Police found Price, Thomas and another victim in a car at the intersection of North Capitol and T Street early on July 13. Thomas and Price had been shot in the head, and both died at area hospitals.

Charging documents allege that Fleming shot three of his fellow passengers in a blue Honda Accord, causing the car to crash. Fleming then fled the scene, documents say.

According to one witness, the people in the car were silent before Fleming pulled out a silver gun and fired it at each person in the car, saying “bang” each time he pulled the trigger.

The shooting caused the car to crash, according to the witness, and left each passenger injured. The witness said nobody else in the car had a weapon.

Another witness saw the car crash and said a dark-complexioned man wearing a burgundy Redskins jersey and with a leg brace on his right leg fled the car in a “suspicious, crouching manner,” according to charging documents.

Police found a Redskins shirt, leg brace, and ziplock bag of ammunition at Fleming’s house, documents say.

Fleming is scheduled for a preliminary hearing on July 30 before Judge Robert Morin.

Charging documents are below.

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