Comment of the Day: “I was one of the one’s who called 911”

This Comment of the Day comes from Brickcity all day, who writes about the shooting death of DaShawn Hammonds.

I was one of the one’s who called 911,for help.@ First we heard a low muffled sound & it didn’t sound like no firework’s to me.We heard bang,bang,bang & bang.We looked out front & all was cleared.We ran to the back & there was DaShawn Hammonds,laying on his side with shots to the head.We called 911,for help.DaShawn was trying to pull himself up.

He turned flat on his back & when help arrived,he was already gone.I will always carry that vision of Dishawn Hammond’s,Lifeless Body In My Head.I’ve been in Law Enforcement for many yrs & certain thing’s still gets to me.Seeing thing’s on TV & Live are different fo sho.I really feel for his lil’boy,because he will never get the chance to see his father again.I have two lil’boy’s of my own & I can’t even imagine me not being in their lives,for a second.My Deepest Condolences goes out to DaShawn Hammond’s Family.May God Give Y’All Strength To Help Each Other Out,In This Differcult Time.No One Has The Right To Take Another Human Being’s Life,Just Because You Want To.May God Bless Y’All & Your Family Is In My Prayer’s.Holding On To Your Faith & The Will Of God Will See You Through.The God That I Serve Will Make Sure The One Who Committed This Viscous Act,Will Be Brought To Justice.

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