Lillian Alvarado to Remain Held at St. Elizabeths Hospital

For a second time, Lillian Alvarado was found competent to stand trial in connection with the death of her infant son.

Alvarado, 21, is suspected of first-degree murder and one count of cruelty to children for the death of her son, who was never named. On November 28, 2013, police found the newborn floating in a bathroom tub filled with water in a Northwest D.C. apartment.

Thursday marked Alvarado’s third mental evaluation. In January, a judge found Alvarado incompetent to stand trial after an initial mental competency hearing. After receiving medication for several mental disorders, she was found competent in May.

According to a July 23 report from the D.C. Department of Behavioral Health, Alvarado was alert and pleasant, and was oriented to time, place and situation during the examination. In the interview, Alvarado expressed difficulties in maintaining a stable mood, but evaluators from St. Elizabeths Hospital said it didn’t affect her ability to demonstrate a comprehension of the court proceedings against her and to fully participate in the entire evaluation.

During Thursday’s mental observation hearing, defense attorneys told Judge John Ramsey Johnson that they will not challenge that Alvarado is competent, but they asked that Alvarado to remain in St. Elizabeths Hospital until her next scheduled hearing at 10:30 a.m. on September 26.

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