Mark Bowser Held in Stabbing Death of Tracy Womack

Judge Karen Howze ordered 35-year-old Mark Kenyatta Bowser Jr. held Monday on suspicion of second-degree murder in connection to the stabbing death of Tracy Womack.

Womack was found on Sept. 20 in her home in the 4600 block of Benning Road Southeast, covered in blood with multiple stab wounds, charging documents say.

At the hospital, documents say, Womack was seen with multiple stab wounds, including wounds to the face, neck, chest, abdomen, both arms, and both hands.

A witness who was inside Womack’s apartment told police that Bowser entered the apartment uninvited that night, documents say.

According to the documents, the witness told Bowser that Womack was sleeping, and Bowser pushed past the person into Womack’s bedroom. Seconds later, the witness heard the sounds of a struggle coming from inside the bedroom.

The witness tried knocking on the door, then tried to open then door, “but felt some resistance from inside the room,” documents say. While pushing on the door, the witness said that it saw Bowser struggling with Womack.

He’s cutting and stabbing me,” Womack yelled, according to the witness.

The bedroom door was then pushed closed and locked from the inside by Bowser, the witness told police, while Womack continued yelling for help.

According to the documents, the witness then ran out of the apartment to get help and ran into a second witness. The second witness told police that when it reached Womack’s apartment, it saw “a suspect carrying a knife exiting Tracy’s apartment.”

Documents say that “the suspect” pushed the second witness down the stairs and cut the witness on the hand. When the witness got to Womack’s bedroom, it found her bleeding from multiple wounds, with her pants halfway down, documents say.

Another witness told police it saw “Pinky or Piggy” exit Womack’s apartment with a knife in his right hand, after a young lady ran to the second witness screaming.

Documents say that law enforcement officials have previously known Bowser to go by the nickname of “Piggy.”

Bowser is scheduled for a preliminary hearing on October 7 before Judge Robert Morin.

Charging documents have been added to this post.

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