Week in Review

In brief:

Two homicides were reported this week:

  • Police found one-month-old Raj’saun Tyrik Brown in the 1700 block of Trenton Place Southeast. He was taken to a local hospital, where he died.
  • Latroia Renee Smith, 26, was found dead at the scene of a fire. A medical examiner found that Smith “sustained gunshot wounds and burns,” ruling her death a homicide.

Francis Lyles pleaded innocent Wednesday to two counts of first-degree felony murder, along with three counts of cruelty to children and obstruction of justice for the June 24 beating death of her 3-year-old son Xavier Lyles.

Marquette Tibbs was sentenced to 10 years in prison for the shooting death of Andre Jackson.

Carlton Maurice Johnson, 22, pleaded innocent to two counts of first-degree murder while armed, along with assault with intent to kill and three gun related charges in the July 2013 double homicide of Anthony Chase and Eric Leeper.

Prosecutors dropped a charge of second-degree murder and other related charges Friday in the case against Daquan Tinker for the shooting death of Terrence Robinson, 48, on Aug. 12, 2012. A jury cleared Tinker of more serious murder charges in a trial in October but couldn’t agree on a verdict on the lesser count. The jury did convict Tinker of armed robbery.

Melvin George pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter Friday for the beating death of 46-year-old Jeffrey Coleman in May.

Tyrron Lamont Sweeney, 22, was arrested for the shooting deaths of Ervin Phillip Ingraham and Ronnetta Hurley-Brown in January.

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