Request for Proposals to Continue Homicide Watch D.C.

A week ago, we announced that we would close this site at the end of December, after covering the District of Columbia for more than four years.

Many of you asked how you could help keep the site going and offered your support. Your comments and emails have been overwhelming and gratifying, and we want to find a way for Homicide Watch D.C. to continue being the resource this community needs.

However, our situation hasn’t changed. We’re still in Boston, and we know that we cannot continue to hire, train and supervise reporters based in D.C. This community needs and deserves local ownership. We want to be clear on this: We believe the money can be raised to support this site’s editorial mission, but Laura and I cannot continue to be the primary owners of the site.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a request for proposals.

This is open to anyone willing to commit to continuing the work of Homicide Watch D.C., to report every murder in the District from crime to conviction.

The RFP is here. Thank you again for all of your support.

Special thanks to the Investigative News Network for help writing this RFP.

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