Davon Davis Charged in Uncle’s Murder

James Byron Davis was stabbed at least 15 times in a fight with his nephew that may have started over a piece of furniture.

Davon Davis, 23, was ordered held Tuesday on suspicion of second-degree murder. He was arrested Monday.

Documents say that Davis’s mother told police that she and James Davis had an argument over whether or not a table had been moved. According to the mother, Davis claimed he didn’t move the table, then grabbed a knife and choked her during the argument, court documents say.

Once the argument was over, the mother went upstairs to check on her 12-year-old child.

She heard James and Davon Davis arguing and fighting, according to charging documents, and when she went back downstairs, she found the two men struggling over the knife James Davis had brandished earlier.

The woman told police that she tried to break up the fight, but the two Davis’ began punching each other. “The decedent and Defendant backed away from one another and the decedent fell to the floor, and [she] saw the Defendant with the knife in his hand,” the police report says. Davon Davis placed the knife in a sink, and his mother called 911.

After he was arrested, Davon Davis told police he had no memory of stabbing his uncle.

In an interview, the 12-year-old said it heard “D” and “Byron” arguing downstairs and saw “D” stabbing “Byron” over and over again, according to documents.

Davis is scheduled for a preliminary hearing December 19 at 9:30 a.m. before Judge Russell F. Canan.

Charging documents are embedded below:

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