Week in Review

In brief:

One homicide was reported this week:

A judge ordered Burnis Cole released on high intensity supervision Tuesday after a bond review hearing. Cole is charged with first-degree murder while armed and related weapons offenses for the January 2013 death of Raasheem Jamal Rich. Cole’s trial is expected to begin January 2015.

Jarod Yorkshire, 21, was arrested for the 2011 murder of Derrick Ragland.

Kevin Charles was sentenced to five years in prison Wednesday for the death of Steven Curtis Moore on December 3, 2011.

Kevin McDarin Johnson pleaded innocent Thursday to first-degree premeditated murder while armed in the choking death of Detra Martin on February 20.

Vernon Hendrick, 25, was arrested Friday for the September 11 shooting that killed Titus Jackson.

A judge found enough circumstantial evidence to hold Tyrron Sweeney for the murders of Ervin Ingraham and Ronnetta Hurley-Brown. “This web of circumstantial evidence more than supports probable cause that Mr. Sweeney committed the murder of two victims,” Judge Johnson said in court. “Nothing standing alone would compel that finding: it’s all of it together.”

Francis Lyles is competent to stand trial following a 24-hour forensic examination, but Judge Jennifer Anderson ordered Lyles to undergo additional treatment at a D.C. jail. “I can’t send you to St. Elizabeths Hospital because the jail found you competent, but you should seek follow up treatment,” Judge Anderson said in court Friday.

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