Heritage Rickey Jones Charged in Kirk Perry’s Death

Kirk Deangelo Perry was shot more than 13 times after a disagreement with Heritage Rickey Jones that began over a dog.

Perry, 50, was found unconscious
and suffering from multiple gun wounds in the 2400 block of Elvans Road Southeast. He died from his injuries at a hospital on December 1.

Jones, 21, was ordered held Thursday on suspicion of second-degree murder while armed. He was arrested Wednesday.

According to charging documents, a witness provided a half statement to police and initially denied knowing who shot Perry. However, after it learned that Perry had died, the witness told police that Perry told it about a verbal argument Perry had with Jones earlier in the day on November 30.

Perry told it that his dog lunged at Jones after Jones didn’t move out the way when Perry and his dog were passing through, according to the witness. He told it that Jones then said, “I got a .45 with an extended clip for your dog,” documents say. The witness said Perry responded saying: “I got guns too” and went and got a bag from upstairs which it believed contained Perry’s gun.

While they were headed to a laundromat, Perry saw Jones wearing all black and staring at them, and Perry pointed Jones out to it telling the witness Jones was the guy who threatened to shoot his dog, according to court documents. The witness told police it had seen Jones around the neighborhood on a daily basis. Three hours later, Perry and the witness returned to the apartment. Perry went upstairs and immediately came back down. Jones approached Perry, leading to an argument, charging documents state. During the confrontation, Perry flashed a silver or gray handgun he had tucked in his front waistband.

According to documents, Jones told Perry, “You don’t threaten me with a gun.” Perry said he wasn’t threatening him, but he didn’t want anything to happen to his dog, the witness recounted. Later, Perry went to speak with an unidentified man about talking to Jones, so they could “squash the beef.” The man went to speak with Jones. After the conversation, the man told Perry that Jones wanted to talk to him, documents say.

While watching from the apartment’s balcony, the witness saw Jones and Perry begin a new conversation and saw a muzzle flash between Jones and Perry before Perry fell to the ground.

The witness told police it ran down from the apartment near the parking lot and saw Jones fire three or four more times before leaving the area. The witness said it didn’t see Perry with a gun, but when people tried to help him up, it heard a clank and saw the weapon Perry had flashed earlier.

When officers arrived, they found no weapon on or near Perry, but recovered 14 nine-millimeter shell casings from the scene, documents state.

Jones is scheduled for a preliminary hearing on Dec. 11 at 9:30 a.m. before Judge Robert E. Morin.

Charging documents are below:

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