Prosecutor: “Raheem Jones planned to Murder Deandria Conyers”

A judge found probable cause Wednesday in the case against Raheem Jones, who is accused of fatally shooting Deandria Conyers on September 14.

Jones told Conyers he was coming to the apartment to bring her money he owed her, according to Assistant U.S. Attorney Emily Miller, but his real plan was to kill her.

Miller argued that Conyers was killed in her apartment and evidence showed that she let the killer in. “She was expecting someone,” Miller said. “Cell phone evidence shows the only person she was expecting was Jones.”

Police found Conyers with a single gunshot wound to the head in the 2000 block of Ridgecrest Court Southeast. Jones is the father of Conyers’ four-month-old child, charging documents say.

Detective James B. Tyler III testified that police recovered texts of threats and sex videos sent to Jones and his fiancee over Facebook from Conyers’ cell phone. Conyers sent two videos to Jones’ fiancee alleging it was of Jones and Conyers engaging in sexual intercourse, according to Tyler.

In a series of texts, Conyers threatened to send pictures of prescription pills to Jones and Jones’ fiancee proving that she was HIV/AIDS positive and that she would tell everyone that he was a “dead beat” father if he didn’t pay child support, Tyler testified.

I’m not dropping you, until I get my money,” Tyler recounted one of Conyers’ texts.

After Conyers death, when police interviewed Jones, he gave “inconsistent” and “evasive” information to police and didn’t seem bothered by Conyers death, Tyler said.

Defense attorney Craig Hickein argued that there was “zero” evidence that Jones was involved in Coyners’ murder. “No witnesses or cell phone data put Jones in the area that day,” he said. Jones did initially begin to go to Conyers’ home, Hickein said, but he then changed his mind.

Miller said cell phone towers place Jones north of Coyners’ residence at the exact time of her death. At the time, Jones sent Conyers two final messages stating he was finished with her and he wasn’t coming to see her, Miller said.

Jones is scheduled for a felony status conference on March 10, 2015 at 9:30 a.m. before Judge Jennifer Anderson.

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