Larnell Allen Sentenced to 19 Years in 2010 Murder of Joseph Alonzo Sharps Jr.

Larnell Allen was sentenced to 19 years in prison Friday for his role in the 2010 shooting death of 17-year-old Springarn High School student Joseph Alonzo Sharps Jr. – with credit for the nearly three years he has already served. Allen pled guilty to second-degree murder while armed, assault with intent to kill and two … Read more →

First and O” Murder Trial Expected to Start Today

Just one month after being sentenced to a 60-year prison term for shooting and killing Joseph Alonzo Sharps Jr, Kwan Kearney is due to stand trial again. Kearney, who turned 21 on Wednesday, is suspected in the shooting death of Jamal Wilson. He and his co-defendant, Jeremy Risper, are expected to stand trial in that … Read more →

You all got the wrong man,” Kwan Kearney Tells Judge at Sentencing

Speaking Friday for the first time about the murder charge against him, and that he was convicted of, Kwan Kearney told Judge Robert Richter that he was innocent. “My condolences to the family,” Kearney said at sentencing, turning slightly to look over his shoulder and glance at the packed courtroom. “But you all got the … Read more →

Guilty” Verdict in Kwan Kearney Murder Case

Kwan Kearney was found guilty today of first-degree murder while armed in the shooting death of Joseph Alonzo Sharps Jr. The verdict came at noon today; the jury deliberated for approximately four hours before finding Kearney guilty on each of the eight counts and the aggravating circumstance that the crime was random. Sentencing is scheduled … Read more →

Jury Deliberations Begun in Kwan Kearney Murder Case

A jury of six men and six women are now deliberating in the case accusing Kwan Kearney of shooting at two Spingarn High School students, killing one of them. Jurors were dismissed to deliberate at 3:35 Thursday afternoon. If they do not reach a verdict today, they will be back tomorrow to continue deliberations. Kearney, … Read more →

One fires, we all fire.”

9-1-1 it’s an emergency, please send a SWAT team with urgency,” Larnell Allen rapped from the witness stand at Kwan Kearney’s trial Tuesday. The words, a rough approximation of Gucci Mane’s popular song “911 Emergency,” had been sung by Allen before. Together on Nov. 8, 2010, he, Kearney and others sang them out, laughing, as … Read more →

Joseph Alonzo Sharps Jr. Murder Trial Underway

The eight men and six women who will decide whether or not Kwan Kearney is guilty of killing Joseph Alonzo Sharps Jr. heard their first overview of the case Monday afternoon. Joseph Alonzo Sharps, a 17-year-old Spingarn High junior, honor student, varsity athlete, was killed “for nothing,” Prosecutor David Saybolt told jurors in his opening … Read more →

Not guilty” Pleas in Death of Jamal Wilson

Appearing lighthearted and occasionally smiling, Kwan Kearney and Jeremy Risper each entered a plea of “not guilty” today to charges related to the November slaying of Jamal Wilson in Northwest D.C. Kearney and Risper are both charged with premeditated first-degree murder while armed as well as various firearms offenses. Wilson, a 19-year-old known as “Mally,” … Read more →

Motley Holds to Trial Date in Joseph Alonzo Sharps Jr. Murder Trial

A jury trial date has been set for the two men accused of killing 17-year-old Springarn High School student Joseph Alonzo Sharps Jr. in November 2010. Kwan Kearney and Larnell Allen appeared in court Tuesday for a status conference in the case. Kearney is also suspected in the death of Jamal Wilson, six days after … Read more →

Gang Beef Over Testifying at Trial Led to Jamal Wilson’s Death, Prosecutor Says

By the prosecutor’s telling of it, an early morning pursuit through Truxton Circle and the ensuing shoot-out that left 19-year-old Jamal Wilson dead started over a beef about a man nicknamed “Psycho.” Wilson, Assistant US Attorney David Saybolt said Tuesday, was part of the “First and Oak O” crew. A crew that also included Kwan … Read more →

No Indictments Yet in Six Murder Cases

Six murder cases were before Judge Thomas Motley Friday morning for felony status conferences and each of them resulted in new status conference dates. Kwan Kearney and Jeremy Risper are scheduled to reappear on April 1 in the case accusing them of killing Jamal Wilson on Nov. 14, 2010. The two men have not yet … Read more →

Preliminary Hearing for Kwan Kearney and Larnell Allen Delayed

A preliminary hearing in the murder of Joseph Alonzo Sharps Jr. was continued today to next year, when one the attorney of one of the defendants told Judge Herbert Dixon that she had not had enough time to adequately prepare for the hearing. Kwan Kearney and Larnell Allen are each charged with first-degree murder in … Read more →

The Week Ahead

Following are scheduled court appearances for murder cases. This information is current as of Friday, 2 p.m. and will be re-verified throughout the week. Please remember that court dates can change, even at the last minute. To view the docket of a case please go to the D.C. Courts website and search by the defendant’s … Read more →

Charging Documents in Death of Joseph Alonzo Sharps Jr.

Larnell C. Allen and Kwan Kearney were charged last week with first degree murder in the shooting death of 17-year-old Springarn High School student Joseph Alonzo Sharps Jr. They were identified by Sharps’ friend who was shot along with Sharps but survived. The friend told police that he and Sharps were crossing Neal Street in … Read more →

Larnell C Allen

  • Arrested: Nov. 26, 2010
  • Age: 21
  • Gender: Male
  • Race: Black

Pleaded guilty in the Nov. 8, 2010 death of Joseph Alonzo Sharps Jr.