Larnell Allen will not Stand Trial in October for Death of Joseph Alonzo Sharps Jr.

One of the two men charged in the shooting death of teen Joseph Alonzo Sharps Jr is not standing trial in the case as scheduled in October.

AUSA David Saybolt today said that Kwan Kearney‘s trial date of Oct. 31 remains, but that Larnell Allen will not go to trial on that date.

“Can’t comment on why,” he said.

Kearney and Allen were arraigned each on a charge of first-degree murder while armed, as well as various weapons charges, in May. They both pleaded innocent.

Saybolt added that Kearney and Jeremy Risper, charged in the death of Jamal Wilson, will be tried in that case on March 12. In that case both men have rejected plea offers, Saybolt said.

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