Brandon Miller Sentenced to 7 Years for Driving Shooters to Jamal Coates’ Murder

Brandon Miller was sentenced Friday to seven years in prison for second-degree murder and conspiracy in connection with the shooting death of 21-year-old Jamal Coates. He is the fourth and final man to be sentenced for Coates’ death. On Friday, Assistant U.S. Attorney Todd Gee said that Miller’s decision to plead made him “one of … Read more →

Keir Johnson Sentenced to 54 years for Daylight Shooting of Jamal Coates

Judge Lynn Leibovitz sentenced Keir Johnson Friday to 54 years in prison, including 32 years for the shooting death of Jamal Coates. “Taking lives is the most tragic thing you can do and it’s distressing to see Mr. Johnson, who could have done anything, in this position,” Leibovitz said before delivering her sentencing. Johnson, along … Read more →

Lester Williams, Marcellus Jackson Sentenced To Over 20 Years in Jamal Coates Shooting

These defendants are our city’s children, the verdicts against them are heartbreaking, the lives that they took were valued and the loss of those victims is heartbreaking,” Judge Lynn Leibovitz said before delivering the sentences of Robert Givens, Marcellus Jackson, and Lester Williams. The three men, along with Keir Johnson were convicted of multiple criminal … Read more →

Marcellus Jackson Found Guilty in Murder of Jamal Coates

Marcellus Jackson was found guilty Tuesday of second-degree murder and related charges in connection with the 2010 shooting death of Jamal Coates. Coates, 21, was killed in September 2010 while he and friends were leaving the funeral of Ashley McRae, a friend who had also been shot and killed. Prosecutors alleged in an indictment that … Read more →

Marcellus Jackson

Convicted by jury in the Sept. 28, 2010 death of Jamal R. Coates.