Terry Johnson Sentenced to 23 1/2 Years in Prison for Andre Wiggins’ Death

Judge Herbert Dixon sentenced Terry Johnson Wednesday to 23 and a half years in prison in connection with the shooting death of 19-year-old Andre Jamal Wiggins. A jury convicted Johnson of second-degree murder and related weapons offenses in connection with the case in March. Prosecutors argued that the months-long feud between Johnson and Wiggins centered … Read more →

Jury Finds Terry Johnson Guilty in Shooting Death of Andre Wiggins

Terry Johnson was found guilty Friday of second-degree murder in connection with the fatal shooting of Andre Wiggins in Oct. 2011. The jury began deliberating Friday and announced that they’d reached a verdict at the end of the day. Jurors rejected prosecutor’s request for a first-degree murder verdict, finding instead the lesser charge of second-degree … Read more →

Feud Over a Woman Sparked Death of Andre Wiggins, Prosecutors Say

Many disagreements between friends are small: twenty dollars loaned, a meeting missed. The disagreement between Terry Johnson and Andre Wiggins could have been one of those fights, and maybe it was: The two young men liked the same woman. Both dated her. According to prosecutors, that disagreement, that tension, sparked a feud that set Johnson … Read more →

Terry Johnson Held in Shooting Death of Andre Wiggins

A “feud” between Andre Wiggins and Terry Johnson has killed one of the men and landed the other in jail. Charging documents against Johnson state that a feud between the two had escalated the day Wiggins was killed, perhaps leading to his death. According to witness statements included in the charging documents, Wiggins had followed … Read more →

Terry Terrell Johnson Arrested in Shooting Death of Andre Wiggins

Terry Terrell Johnson, a 22-year-old Southeast DC man, has been arrested on suspicion of first degree murder while armed in connection with the shooting death of Andre Wiggins. Wiggins, 19, was killed on Oct. 26. MPD announced Johnson’s arrest Wednesday night. It was the fourth arrest made in a homicide case in approximately 31 hours. … Read more →

Terry Terrell Johnson

  • Arrested: Dec. 28, 2011
  • Age: 24
  • Gender: Male
  • Race: Black

Convicted by jury in the Oct. 26, 2011, death of Andre Jamal Wiggins.