HWDC has been live online for a little more than two months now. This project is a labor of love: I’m a freelance reporter here in D.C. and when I went to local news sources for information when crimes were happening in my neighborhood I didn’t find what I needed. I decided to do something about that.

You can learn more about our goals with HWDC on the About page and by looking around the site. We’re publishing developing details from cases, court documents, photos, links, obituaries, memorial information, a court calendar and more.

If HWDC has helped you, or if you believe like we do that every victim deserves to be remembered, every case needs to be followed, I invite you to help. We have a fundraising effort underway at Spot.Us, a crowd-sourced journalism funding site. You can donate to this project by contributing cash or taking a quick and anonymous marketing survey.

Questions or comments? Email me at homicidewatchdc [at] And thanks for your assistance.

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