Rickey Pharr to be Tried in Shooting Death of Angelo Jones

A D.C. judge ruled today that 26-year-old Rickey “Packie” Pharr will stand trial for the death of Angelo Jones, who was shot and killed during a craps game in the Clay Terrace neighborhood of D.C. Oct. 2.

Judge Herbert Dixon said it was the account of a witness, who described Pharr telling a group of people moments after the shooting “I just slumped a n–,” that contributed to the court’s belief that there is “substantial probability” that Pharr was referring to and is responsible for Jones’ death.

Jones, known as “Lochie,” was shot multiple times in the early morning hours of Oct. 2. D.C. Homicide Detective James Wilson testified at Tuesday’s preliminary hearing that according to a witness, Jones was playing craps with a group of people in a parking lot off of Dix St. when Pharr approached the group and accused Jones of cooperating with law enforcement in a criminal investigation.

Judge Dixon did not allow Wilson to answer whether Jones in fact was cooperating.

Pharr was arrested Nov. 17 and is charged with first degree premeditated murder. He is currently in custody at D.C.’s Central Detention Facility.

Read the criminal complaint and more coverage.

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