Raymond Roseboro Held for the Petworth Murder of Prince Okorie

D.C. Superior Court Judge Lynn Leibovitz found probable cause Tuesday in the case against 20-year-old Northwest D.C. man Raymond Roseboro, charged with second degree murder in the killing of 16-year-old Prince Okorie on Nov. 30.

Leibovitz declined to find substantial probability in the case against Roseboro as the government requested. In her ruling she said the “totality” of evidence was enough to find probable cause but that witnesses had not provided enough information— and that the government had not allowed specific enough questions to be asked— to rule that there was anything more than probable cause to believe that Roseboro could be tried in the case.

Metro Police Homicide Detective Darin March testified at Tuesday’s preliminary hearing that investigators believe Okorie’s killing to be related to “rumors” in the neighborhood that he was cooperating with police in the prosecution of murder defendant Eric Foreman.

Foreman is charged with killing Catholic University grad student Neil Godleski. March said in court that Roseboro was located and arrested in the home of one of Foreman’s family members and that Roseboro and Foreman were close friends who referred to each other as “play cousins.”

March would not say whether or not Okorie was in fact working with police on Foreman’s case.

Leibovitz ordered Roseboro held on the grounds of a “substantial record of violent offenses” which was discussed at the bench but not disclosed to the public.

Both the Roseboro and Okorie families were present at the hearing. Roseboro’s attorney, James Rudasill, told the court Roseboro was enrolled at Theodore Roosevelt High School in the 12th grade at the time of his arrest and has a four month old son.

Charging documents in the case are online here.

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