Trial Date Set for Ricardo Minger Murder Case

Judge Thomas Motley today set a tentative date for the two men accused of killing Ricardo Minger to stand trial, despite the fact that neither man has been indicted and one has not yet had a preliminary hearing.

On Friday both the government prosecutor and Donald Crosland’s attorney suggested that Motley postpone Crosland’s preliminary hearing. Motley agreed, then insisted attorneys agree to a tentative trial date to expedite the proceedings. Kevin Clark’s attorney, Madalyn Harvey, vehemently opposed Motley’s desire to set a date, telling the court that without even an indictment in the case, she had no idea how much time was needed to prepare for trial.

Despite Harvey’s objection, she agreed to a tentative trial date of Oct. 17.

Crosland’s preliminary hearing, scheduled for Friday, was postponed to April 8 at 2 p.m. It was the second time the preliminary hearing has been rescheduled.

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