Week Ahead

Each Friday, Homicide Watch brings you a tickler of which murder cases are coming up in the DC courts.This information is current as of Wednesday July 20. To add an item to the calendar, email homicidewatchdc [at] gmail.com.

On Homicide Watch’s calendar,

Anthony Anderson is due to be sentenced Friday after pleading guilty to involuntary manslaughter for the death of 48-year-old Tyrone Smith last June in Peworth. Anderson is expected in Judge William Jackson’s courtroom.

Marvin Palencia is also expected Friday by Judge Jackson. Palencia is scheduled for a status hearing in a first degree murder case. He’s accused of killing his former co-worker, Jacobo Vazquez. In February attorneys in the case reported that they were engaged in plea discussions. Prosecutors have until the end of August to secure an indictment in the case.

Terrance Bush and Deonte Bryant are also expected by Judge Jackson Friday. They are scheduled for a preliminary hearing in connection with the shooting death of Robert Foster Jr. The preliminary hearing of a co-defendant in the case, Terry Jimenez, is due to continue Aug. 9.

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