Terrance “Peanut” McNeal held in Fatal June Stabbing of Army Vet

A 31-Southeast DC man known as “Peanut” was presented today with a charge of second-degree murder while armed in connection with the stabbing death of 53-year-old Charles Hicks in June.

Terrance McNeil, whose name is court records is Terrance McNeal, told authorities that he saw Hicks the night he was killed.

According to charging documents in the case, McNeal told authorities that

he was outside the night [Hicks] was stabbed and reported the
following. That he was stan ing outside when he was approached by [Hicks]. [Hicks] inquired about purchasing drugs and Mr. McNeal relayed to [Hicks] that he does not sell drugs. [Hicks] walked away. About 15 minutes later, Mr. McNeal states he saw [Hicks] walking in the parking lot. Mr. McNeal stated he heard a voice yell words to the effect of “WHERE”S MY MONEY.” Mr. McNeal reported seeing two subjects wearing blue jeans, black shirts and ski masks over their faces. Mr. McNeal reported seeing the two subjects run to and begin to hit Mr. McNeal stated that he ran

Authorities heard different stories from witness, two of whom told police that McNeal told them he was involved in Hick’s death.

They said McNeal told them that the night of the stabbing, Hicks knocked a drink out of McNeal’s hand, then attempted to search McNeal’s pockets. Someone named “Eric” joined McNeal in fighting Hicks. One witness said McNeal said that “Eric” stabbed Hicks. Another said McNeal said he had stabbed Hicks.

According to the Washington Post, Hicks was an army veteran who served in Operation Desert Storm and Iraq. He was struggling with war-related trauma, his brother told the Post.

Said David Hicks, his brother,

Charles did his best to try to deal with his problems. He was done with the service. He wanted to get his life together.

According to Hicks’ obituary, he is survived by his six children, three grandchildren, his mother and five siblings. He was to be buried at Quantico National Cemetery.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled in the case for Aug. 19 in front of Judge Gerald Fisher. Hicks is expected to remain in custody until that hearing.

Read charging documents in the case below.

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