Albrecht Muth Arrested in Homicide of Wife Viola Drath

The Washington Post, WUSA, NBC Washington, MyFoxDC, WTOP and WJLA are reporting that Viola Drath‘s husband, Albrecht Gero Muth, was arrested on suspicion of second-degree murder Tuesday in connection with Drath’s death.

Reports WJLA:

Kris Van Cleave witnessed Metropolitan Police Officers handcuff and lead away Muth Tuesday evening outside of his Georgetown home at 3206 Q St NW. D.C. homicide detectives searched the streets of Georgetown for Muth. After following him for several blocks on foot and in an unmarked car, they handcuffed and searched the man. He was then loaded into a police car.

Before he was arrested, ABC7’s Kris Van Cleave ran into Muth on Wisconsin Avenue. He wouldn’t talk on camera, but said he believed police were not seriously considering him a suspect. There were no signs of forced entry into the home, leading him to believe it was a professional hit.

Reports WUSA:

In his last email correspondence with 9News Now, Muth gave a timeline for his activities Thursday and Friday. He wrote:

…I was in the house 945PM, 11 August - 8AM, 12 August, when I found her
but for walking 2 cigars for one hour, 11PM-Midnight/ 11/12 Aug
and again same drill, 7-8AM, 12 August, Times approximation within 15 minutes
I am told sometime between 8PM/ 8 AM she was killed.
I was in the house, or walking, while someone killed my wife! Or, she was dead at time of my arrival, 945PM, 11 August.
In either case, I failed her, she being dead, Im alive.”

In response to the arrest of Albrecht Gero Muth, the family released the following statement:

We are deeply saddened by the loss of our mother and grandmother, Viola Drath. Her intelligence, independence and grace remained intact to the end. Our family is incredibly appreciative of the excellent work of the Metropolitan Police Department, in particular Detectives Gus Giannakoulis and James Wilson.”

- The Drath Family

The arrest didn’t make the evening’s early newscasts, but many focused their coverage on Muth. Muth spoke and emailed with reporters prior to his arrest.

Drath, 91, was found dead in her Georgetown home Friday. On Saturday her death was declared a homicide.

You can find our cultivated links to coverage of the case from around the world here and here.

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