Albrecht Muth Sentenced to 50 Years for Killing his Elderly Wife Viola Drath

The criminal case against Albrecht Muth concluded Wednesday when Judge Russell Canan sentenced him to 50 years in prison for the death of his 91-year-old wife, Viola Herms Drath. Muth, now 49, was convicted in January of first-degree premeditated murder with aggravating circumstances. On Wednesday, he participated in his sentencing via video conference as he … Read more →

Albrecht Muth Found Guilty in Murder of Viola Drath

Albrecht Muth was convicted Thursday of first-degree premeditated murder with aggravating circumstances in connection with the death of his 91-year-old wife, Viola Herms Drath. Jurors in the case delivered their verdict around 1:10 p.m. Thursday after deliberating for less than a day. “Our family is very pleased with today’s verdict,” Connie Drath Dwyer, Viola Drath’s … Read more →

Jury Deliberations Begin in Albrecht Muth Murder Trial

Jurors began deliberating Wednesday in the high-profile case charging Georgetown man Albrecht Muth with the murder of his wife, socialite and journalist Viola Drath. Closing arguments were heard in the case Wednesday and both prosecution and defense attorneys asked jurors to consider Muth’s character as well as the nature of his twenty-year marriage with Drath. … Read more →

At Trial, Drath’s Daughter Says Muth Pressured Mother for Money

Prosecutors in the case against Albrecht Muth have argued during trial that Muth married Viola Herms Drath, his wife of 23 years, for financial gain. Muth, 49, then murdered the 91-year-old Drath in her Georgetown home to accumulate more wealth from a forged inheritance document, prosecutors say. “We had a marriage of convenience,” Muth said … Read more →

During Murder Trial, Muth’s Emails Detail Emotional State

Days after 91-year-old Viola Drath was found dead in her Georgetown home, her husband Albretch Muth wrote a series of emails to a man he’d just met through a personal ad. “Week was horrible. Start of week even worse,” said one. “Hope you’re well. Im [sic] not. Have you said your prayers?” said another. Muth, … Read more →

Daughter, Lawyer Testify at Start of Georgetown Murder Trial

Jurors heard opening arguments Tuesday in the trial of Albrecht Muth, the 49-year-old man who dressed as an Iraqi general before his arrest, has claimed his wife’s murder was an assassination by Iranians, and has fasted for over a year, unable to attend his own trial. Muth, 49, is charged with first-degree murder with aggravating … Read more →

Jurors Selected for Albrecht Muth Murder Trial

A jury was selected Monday for Albrecht Muth’s murder trial, which is expected to begin at 10 a.m. Tuesday with opening statements. On Monday, prosecutors and defense attorneys sifted through a pool of more than 50 potential jurors in a process that took more than four hours. The trial is expected to last two to … Read more →

Days Before Scheduled Trial, Muth Still Physically Unable to Attend

One year into an on-again-off-again hunger strike, murder defendant Albrecht Muth is preparing for a trial that he insisted would never happen by chewing food that meets his “dietary regimen.” Muth is charged with the death of his wife Viola Drath, who was killed in August 2011. The trial has been delayed in part because … Read more →

Despite Fast, Muth Murder Trial Prepares To Move Forward

Albrecht Muth’s trial on charges that he killed his wife, Viola Herms Drath, is still expected to take place January 6, despite Muth’s continued and prolonged fast. At a hearing on Wednesday, Judge Russell Canan asked Muth to end his fast. Muth replied that he would not. “I do not have the authority to break … Read more →

Judge Denies Albrecht Muth’s Motion to Subpoena General Petraeus

Albrecht Muth, the man charged with killing his 91-year-old wife Viola Herms Drath, has previously pleaded with the court to allow former U.S. General David Petraeus to testify in his murder trial to validate Muth’s military service, and to exonerate him of Drath’s murder. On Thursday, though, Judge Russell Canan denied a defense motion for … Read more →

Judge Orders Trial to Proceed in Muth’s Absence

For more than nine months a self-induced fast has prevented Albrecht Muth from attending court hearings in a case charging him with the death of his 91-year-old wife, Viola Herms Drath. On Thursday, Judge Russell Canan ordered that the case against Muth will proceed to trial without Muth present. “Mr. Muth you are knowingly, intelligibly, … Read more →

Judge Denies Albrecht Muth Motion to Represent Himself

Albrecht Muth, the man charged with the 2011 death of his 91-year-old wife, Viola Herms Drath, on Thursday was denied the right to represent himself at trial. Judge Russell Canan denied the request due to Muth’s inability to attend court hearings because of medical conditions he endures from a nine month self-induced fast. “If you … Read more →

Prosecutors Say Albrecht Muth Murder Trial Can Start Without Defendant

Prosecutors in the murder case against Albrecht Muth have argued that Muth be allowed to stand trial, despite his inability to attend court hearings. Proceeding with a trial without the defendant present would be highly unusual, but prosecutors have argued that Muth has forfeited his right to be present at trial by continuing a lengthy … Read more →

Albrecht Muth Released from Hospital, Says He Will Continue to Fast

Albrecht Muth’s health has grown strong enough that he was released from United Medical Center and returned to the D.C. Jail, according to an email from a hospital official. The email, which was forwarded to prosectors, defense attorneys and Judge Russell Canan, said Muth was discharged from the hospital May 1. Muth, however, stated he … Read more →

Albrecht Muth in State of ‘Chronic Starvation,’ Remains at Hospital

On Thursday, Judge Russell Canan offered the clearest signs yet he intends to require enfeebled murder defendant Albrecht Muth to appear for trial by video link if his condition has not improved. Muth appeared by telephone Thursday morning for the hearing. His trial was postponed after a series of hearings over his health more than … Read more →

Albrecht Muth Tells ABC News’ Martha Raddatz Iranians Killed Viola Drath

ABC 7 News aired video Monday of an interview with Albrecht Muth from his hospital bed at United Medical Center. Muth, lying in bed, with a gray, disheveled beard, told ABC’s Martha Raddatz he was the “convenient suspect” but was not home at the time of Drath’s death. He told Raddatz the Iranian agents had … Read more →

Judge Sets Albrecht Muth Trial for December

Albrecht Muth is scheduled to stand trial in December for the murder of his wife, Viola Drath, presumably in person. Court records show Judge Russell Canan spoke by phone with prosecutors and Muth’s defense attorneys Friday. The parties agreed to set a trial date for Dec. 2. Muth’s trial would have begun jury selection Monday … Read more →

Albrecht Muth Trial Postponed After Parties Object to Video Conferencing

Yielding to a persistent hunger strike, Judge Russell Canan relented Tuesday on a plan to bring Albrecht Muth to trial March 25 by video conference from United Medical Center. Muth has been fasting since late last year, when a series of mental competency hearings found him capable of standing trial in the 2011 death of … Read more →

Judge Plans Video Link for Fasting Albrecht Muth at Upcoming Trial

Judge Russell Canan told Albrecht Muth Thursday he would have to appear by video link at his trial by video link, even though the move would be “uncharted territory” for the court system. The trial is slated to begin in just 10 days. Canan turned down a request by Assistant U.S. Attorney Glenn Kirschner to … Read more →

Judge Rules Albrecht Muth Not Fit to Act as Own Attorney

Albrecht Muth’s ongoing hunger strike imperils his ability to act as his own attorney, Judge Russell Canan said Thursday. A mental health review found Muth competent to stand trial in December in connection with the death of his wife, Viola Drath. His declining health, though, jeopardizes his ability to represent himself, Canan said. Muth appeared … Read more →

Albrecht Muth Ruled Competent, Will Represent Himself at Trial

Albrecht Muth is competent to stand trial for the murder of his wife, Viola Drath, Judge Russell Canan ruled Thursday. Canan also accepted Muth’s repeat request to defend himself at his trial, which is set to begin March 25. “There will be no trial in March,” Muth stated during an exchange with the court about … Read more →

Albrecht Muth Awaits Judge’s Decision on his Mental Competency for Trial

On Wednesday, Dec. 5, psychologist Michele Godwin walked into Albrecht Muth’s room in Ward 9 of Saint Elizabeths Hospital, the District’s public psychiatric unit. Over the previous two days, both of them had sat through roughly 12 hours of testimony in D.C. Superior Court about whether or not Muth is competent to stand trial for … Read more →

Viola Drath’s Georgetown Home Emptied in Estate Sale

The Georgetown home where elderly socialite Viola Drath was killed a little more than a year ago is being emptied of her possessions as part of an estate sale, the Washingtonian reports. Robert “Rocky” Huber, whose family handled the estate sale… says that the family asked that the sale be handled with a “very low … Read more →

New York Times: The Worst Marriage in Georgetown

The New York Times today outlines Albrecht Muth’s varied eccentricities and how Washington entertained, or believed, them nearly until Muth was arrested on suspicion of killing his wife at their Georgetown home. Muth, 48, is charged with first-degree murder in Viola Drath’s death. Prosecutors say he strangled his 91-year-old wife, then reported finding her dead … Read more →

Albrecht Muth Still Incompetent to Stand Trial, Report Finds

Georgetown murder suspect Albrecht Muth still lacks the mental competency required to stand trial, a new report from his doctors at Saint Elizabeths states. Muth was scheduled to be arraigned, if he was found competent, on Thursday. Muth, 47, is suspected of first-degree murder in the death of his wife, 91-year-old Viola Drath. Muth has … Read more →

Albrecht Muth Could Regain Mental Health before Oct. Trial Date, Expert Says

At a hearing today, Albrecht Muth, 47, a Georgetown man accused of first-degree murder in the death of his wife Viola Drath, 91, was found to be incompetent to stand trial because of mental health disorders. But the report from Saint Elizabeth’s left open the possibility that Muth could become competent before his October trial … Read more →

More Mental Evaluations for Albrecht Muth (Links Roundup)

Further mental health evaluations were ordered Wednesday for Albrecht Muth, a Georgetown man accused of first-degree murder in the death of his elderly wife, Viola Drath. Muth, who was expected to be arraigned on the charge Wednesday, may be unfit to stand trial according to a report by the D.C. Department of Mental Health. Reports … Read more →

AP: Albrecht Muth Case Twists and Turns Have “Veered it Off-Course”

Fox5 and WJLA are both running an extensive AP story backgrounding Albrecht Muth and Viola Drath. AP writes: She was a 91-year-old expatriate journalist with a deep fluency in foreign affairs and a taste for fashion and art. Her husband, German-born and four decades her junior, boasted of wide-reaching connections in international circles, claimed to … Read more →

Albrecht Muth Incapable of Representing Himself, Judge Rules After Re-Hospitalization

Albrecht Muth is currently mentally and physically incapable of representing himself against charges involving the death of 91-year-old Georgetown socialite Viola Herms Drath, Judge Russell Canan said today. Muth was not at today’s felony status hearing as he was hospitalized again last night. Canan said Muth will be in a grave situation if his current … Read more →

Albrecht Muth Hospitalized During Hunger Strike

Albrecht Muth missed a court appointment Friday morning because he was in the hospital, Judge Russell Canan said. Muth, suspected in the death of his wife, Georgetown socialite Viola Drath, has been on a hunger strike since November. Canan said it wasn’t clear Friday morning whether or not Muth’s hospitalization was related to his hunger … Read more →

Georgetown Murder Suspect Refusing Medical Treatment During Fast

Murder suspect Albrecht Muth’s latest notice to DC Superior Court indicated that he was fasting and refusing all medical treatment. Muth, 47, is in custody at DC Jail on suspicion of killing his wife, Viola Drath, at their Georgetown townhome last August. At a Nov. 18 court appearance Muth told the court that, effective Sunday, … Read more →

Albrecht Muth to Represent Himself Against Murder Charge that he Killed Wife Viola Drath

Albrecht Muth will represent himself against a charge of second-degree murder in connection with the killing of his wife, Viola Drath, Georgetown Patch reports. Albrecht Muth appeared in DC Superior court Friday before Juge Russell F. Canan and asserted his right to represent himself in the felony murder case against him. During the hour-long status … Read more →

My wife loved being at my side,” Albrecht Muth tells Court in Letter

God is great.” So begins Albrecht Muth’s latest letter to the court, to be submitted, by his account, into the record on Friday. In the seven-page handwritten letter, Muth protests the “tenor” of the government’s reply to his claims of military service with the Iraqi Army. He also claims never to have identified himself as … Read more →

Albrecht Muth’s Claim to Military Service False, Reports WaPo

The Washington Post, using documents filed in court Friday, reports today that Albrecht Muth’s claims to military service are false. Muth, in custody at DC Jail on suspicion of killing his wife, Viola Drath, at their Georgetown home in August, had claimed to be a member of the Iraqi army and told the court that … Read more →

Albrecht Muth’s Statement on his Treatment at D.C. Jail

Albrecht Muth addressed the court at his preliminary hearing last Friday, claiming that his detention was against Geneva Convention rules and protesting his treatment at D.C. Jail. You can read the full text of his statement, which he wrote and has been entered into the court record, after the jump. Read more →

Threats, and Conversations About Wishing his Wife Dead, Feature at Albrecht Muth’s Preliminary Hearing

Kill all Americans.” “Bomb Georgetown.” “Hack into government computers and files.” Those are things Albrecht Muth allegedly threatened to do, according to testimony heard Friday. In a bizarre preliminary hearing Friday, MPD Detective James Wilson presented these statements that witnesses in the investigation attributed to the 47-year-old man accused of killing Viola Drath on Aug. … Read more →

Postponement in Albrecht Muth Preliminary Hearing

Court records show that a preliminary hearing to review the evidence against Albrecht Muth has been postponed to Sept. 9. Muth was due to appear in court next Friday, Sept. 2. He is suspected of killing his wife, Viola Drath, in their Georgetown home earlier this month. Read more →

Albrecht Muth Held in Death of Wife Viola Drath

Albrecht Muth will be held at D.C. Jail at least until a preliminary hearing is held in his case on Sept. 2. Muth, 47, is accused of killing his wife, 91-year-old Viola Drath in their Georgetown townhouse late Thursday night or early Friday morning. Muth appeared in court Wednesday to be presented with the charge … Read more →

MPD: Albrecht G. Muth Arrested on Second-Degree Murder Tuesday Night

MPD tonight announced that Albrecht G. Muth has been arrested in connection with the homicide of his wife, Viola Drath, at their shared Georgetown home. He is suspected of second-degree murder. Read MPD’s statement below. August 16, 2011 Arrest Made in the Homicide of Viola Drath ( Washington, DC)-Detective’s from the Metropolitan Police Departments Homicide … Read more →

Albrecht Muth Arrested in Homicide of Wife Viola Drath

The Washington Post, WUSA, NBC Washington, MyFoxDC, WTOP and WJLA are reporting that Viola Drath’s husband, Albrecht Gero Muth, was arrested on suspicion of second-degree murder Tuesday in connection with Drath’s death. Reports WJLA: Kris Van Cleave witnessed Metropolitan Police Officers handcuff and lead away Muth Tuesday evening outside of his Georgetown home at 3206 … Read more →

Albrecht Muth

  • Arrested: Aug. 16, 2011
  • Age: 50
  • Gender: Male
  • Race: White

Convicted by jury in the Aug. 12, 2011 death of Viola Herms Drath.