Albrecht Muth to Represent Himself Against Murder Charge that he Killed Wife Viola Drath

Albrecht Muth will represent himself against a charge of second-degree murder in connection with the killing of his wife, Viola Drath, Georgetown Patch reports.

Albrecht Muth appeared in DC Superior court Friday before Juge Russell F. Canan and asserted his right to represent himself in the felony murder case against him. During the hour-long status conference, Muth continued to link himself with the Iraqi military and alleged that his wife’s death was a “hit” orchestrated by agents of Iran because of Muth’s role in the Iraqi military; he linked her death to the plot against the Saudi Ambasssdor.

During the proceedings, Muth asserted that his military status was crucial to his case. “It is my judgement that my wife’s murder was a hit by Iranian agents,” said Muth. He added that this should be given greater weight because of the plot against the Saudi Ambassador. According to Muth, he and the ambassador had been working on the same issue: namely, U.S. military engagement with Iran.

Accordingly, he asked the judge for closed sessions, so that secret information about Iran and U.S. government agencies, such as the CIA, could be kept secret. The judge told Muth that he could file a formal request, but that under only rare circumstances did courts hold closed sessions.

Read the full story, with a response from Drath’s family, here.

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